What Remains of Heroes just received a very, very kind review from the excellent Ria over at the book review site Bibliotropic. I am flattered, honored and humbled (a combination that feels slightly akin to mild nausea, but much better). For those curious, you can check it out here:
SPFBO Review: What Remains of Heroes, by David Benem

As for the *highly anticipated* (by my mom, anyways) Book Two, one of the character’s storylines (hint: everyone’s favorite drunken wretch) is undergoing a serious facelift. Even with the major rewrites I am coming up on 70,000 words (WRoH was 122,000) so a release in the late spring seems reasonable.

Oh, and about that audiobook. Final draft should be approved any moment now, and then it takes a week or two in Amazon’s review process. Then it shall be unleashed upon an unprepared and unsuspecting world! Beware!!!

More updates to follow. Watch this space!