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Kind praise for What Remains of Heroes:

“David Benem has crafted a very dark sort of fantasy here—one that is violent and sometimes even vulgar—but one in which all of the pieces are polished to a shine, dazzling the reader from start to finish.” —Beauty in Ruins

“Tired of reading the the same old stale fantasy? Well David Benem has something to say about that. The answer is, of course, to read his remarkably good What Remains of Heroes. If you want an epic fantasy that dwells in the gritty spectrum while also retaining a philosophical and introspective edge to it, What Remains of Heroes delivers these in spades.” —Best Fantasy Books

“We bought into the characters and the story and that is really all it takes–once an author has achieved that with a reader much of the hard work is done. Added to that was a wry humor that worked really well and world-building that felt, well, like a real world being described. The book strengthened with each page… 8.5/10” —Fantasy Book Review

“Benem’s writing shines amid a sea of lackluster novels… It’s got wonderful appeal to fans of dark traditional fantasy who are looking for new voices. This was a fantastic find, and I’m already looking forward to the second book in the series!” —Bibliotropic

“Make no mistake, this is a tale of vengeance and done quite well.” —Speculative Book Review

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