Sorry for the lack of attention to the blog of late. But, hey, I have nearly legitimate excuses, okay? Been listening to the narration of What Remains of Heroes for careful edits, and I’m happy to report I’m nearly done (and extraordinarily pleased with the performance of Mr. Andrew Tell!). I’m hoping this will be available within the next 10 days or so.

Book 2, The Wrath of Heroes, is also coming along nicely. The listen through What Remains of Heroes has really helped me reconnect with some of the characters in a more meaningful way, and has been a surprisingly useful tool in moving forward with the next book. If you happen to be an indie writer, I’d highly recommend looking into having an audiobook produced.

Again, apologies for allowing so many cobwebs to drift about this place lately. I’ll try to keep the dust off from here on.

Thanks again for reading.