Good day today all around.

I’ve re-released the paperback for What Remains of Heroes, freshly edited and with a new, slicker, more awesome cover treatment. If you’ve not picked one up before now, it’s time. Available on Amazon US and UK, as well as your local bookseller by request.

The excellent audiobook for What Remains of Heroes is just around the corner–just a few days away depending upon the slow turnings of Amazon’s machines. I must say I am more than pleased with the fine performance and production, and can’t wait to indulge in listening once again. Trust me, Andrew Tell (the narrator) did quite an excellent job. If you liked the book you will love this narration. It should be available next week on iTunes, Amazon, and Audible. Give it a listen!

Lastly, Book Two is motoring along quite nicely. Presently I’m fretting over a pivotal scene involving everyone’s favorite drunken wretch and a few certain necromancers of ill repute, but this scene should be done soon and then more fun to follow. Bale’s chapters are really shaping up nicely, and Fencress continues to kick ass as a central character. More than halfway home!

Again, many thanks to all those who read the book and follow along here. May Illienne the Light Eternal spare her loyal servants!