I’m overdue in posting this but if you’re interested in my books (and waiting on the third — it’s coming along!) you may well enjoy the fantastic podcast I’ve been involved with. Crit Faced is a weekly Dungeons and Dragons gaming session featuring yours truly and a number of fantastic fantasy authors: Benedict Patrick (author of the Yarnsworld series), Timandra Whitecastle (author of The Living Blade series), Phil Tucker (author of The Chronicles of the Black Gate, The Godsblood Trilogy, and the forthcoming Death March LitRPG), and Josiah Bancroft (author of The Books of Babel series). These are some very talented authors and I’d highly recommend checking them out.

Anyway, the five of us have been playing a D&D campaign for a while now, and it’s being released weekly as a podcast. Each us us created a character who’d “fit” in the world of our own individual books — mine is a younger brother of Karnag Mak Ragg, so he’s an axe-toting barbarian badass. The podcast features lots of adventure and even more humor. You can check it out here: