If you’re one of those kind readers who pop in on this site from time to time, my guess is that might be the question you’d ask me. Well, the answer is, I hope, one you’ll be pleased to hear.


The Wrath of Heroes, Book Two of A Requiem for Heroes, is closing in on completion. I’m over 100,000 words and the end is in sight. Another couple of chapters for each POV character and we should be done. I’ve been doing heavy edits as well, so once I reach the end of the story the turnaround time for publishing should be brief.

Frankly, I have to say I feel it is a strong story. Lots of action, a few big twists, and my beta readers have been quite pleased. I feel–I hope–that it does not suffer from the usual “blah” one sees with middle books in fantasy trilogies.

Wanna see the cover? Check back soon and I’ll show you. And I’ll keep the updates a little more regular now that we’re getting toward the end of the book.