I’ve found most who’ve read my book never realized there was an audio version available. Who are these philistines, you ask? My reaction, precisely. Then I did a little digging and found Audible has continued to miscategorize the book as a horror novel despite several requests and temporary corrections. The problem is being remedied, and soon their site will indicate that What Remains of Heroes is, indeed, epic fantasy.

So, to reiterate: What Remains of Heroes is available as an audiobook!!! And it is epic fantasy!!! And the narrator, Andrew Tell, did an amazing job!!! And it’s available HERE!!!

Fancy a listen? Even a FREE Audible download? If so, drop your name and email address in the Comments section and I’ll forward a download code to the first three folks requesting. Don’t worry, I will not publish the comment so your privacy is secure.

Enjoy the sweet sounds of epic fantasy!