It’s been a busy few weeks for me between trying to get ready for Christmas and dealing with everyday life. Oh, and trying to squeeze in a fair bit of writing, as well.

Book Two is coming along nicely, and at present I am writing a riveting (to me, anyway) scene with Lannick and the Necrists. I won’t give much away, other than to say there is some rather grotesque imagery which made my dear wife cringe while giving the scene a read-through. My work is done, then!

Bale’s storyline in particular has taken shape very well. He’s teamed up now with another character from What Remains of Heroes, is well into his journey, and has been quite entertaining to write. I’m hoping the readers will enjoy it.

Karnag is, well, Karnag, and there are dark times afoot in his and Fencress’s storyline. I’ll leave it at that.

Anyway, just a reminder that the Audiobook–excellently narrated by veteran performer Andrew Tell–of What Remains of Heroes is available. If you have an Audible account (or have been wanting to sign up) and would like a copy, leave a comment/request here and I’ll pass along a promo code to the first ten to politely ask for it. Make sure to leave your email address.

The newly revised (corrected what few typos were in the first printing) paperback makes an excellent holiday gift as well.

Happy Holidays to one and all. Read thee well!