WHAT REMAINS OF HEROES continues to sell at an excellent clip, and to garner wonderful reviews. The book appears on many of Amazon’s bestseller categories for the fantasy genre, rubbing shoulders with such greats as Mark Lawrence, Joe Abercrombie, Robert Jordan, and George R. R. Martin. Heady stuff and, again, many thanks are owed to those reading and recommending it. Hopefully you answer in the affirmative when I scream, Maximus-like, “Are you not entertained!”

Considering the response thus far, I intend to begin offering more regular updates on the progress of Book Two. It is (as you may know by now) a necessary continuation of the series (as will be Book Three). Still about halfway done but I’ve performed some major cosmetic surgery on the thing. I do anticipate a year-end release, or something very shortly thereafter. I greatly appreciate–and am flattered by–the patience of anyone waiting for it, and I don’t intend that wait to be overlong.

Now I’m going to go pour myself a cold beer and get cracking on this evening’s scribbles.