There’ve been a few reviews of What Remains of Heroes posted over on Amazon, and I must say they’ve left me quite flattered. One never knows what expect when a book becomes available for public consumption, especially a debut author, and so I’ll admit to a fair bit of hand-wringing. So, it was quite inspiring to see readers take time to spread a good word about the book, especially in such complimentary terms. “A great start to what should be a compelling series,” said one. Another called it “a rare nugget of great writing.”

As I said, I’m flattered. I’m sure there will be readers to whom the book does not appeal–it is unapologetically violent in parts and contains some mature (i.e., R-rated) themes and moments–but I’m happy that some people who did appreciate it decided to share their thoughts with the masses.

Hopefully the surprises I’m presently tinkering with in Book Two will be equally well-received. I won’t give too much away here, but let’s just say that a certain misanthropic bookworm and a certain green-cloaked female Variden are about to stumble upon the most dangerous place in the world… AND that DARTH VADER IS LUKE’S FATHER!

Happy reading!