I’m Done! I’m Really, Really Done!

Sooooooo…. The Wrath of Heroes is officially finished, at least in terms of my writing it. Now it’s in the hands of my formatter/artist and an editor. As soon as they’re through with it–a few weeks from now I’d guess–the book will be up for publication.

I have to say I’m very pleased with how this one’s turned out, and I can’t wait to hear reactions from the readers.




Endings and so hard to, erm, end.

The Wrath of Heroes is getting close to the finish line. Frustratingly so. It’s nearly done. Promise. I’m just having my loyal beta readers from the first book go through the second for typos and to make sure it “flows.” The latter issue is a tricky thing with books with multiple points-of-view, but I’m thinking I have it right. As soon as I hear I’ve “stuck the landing,” so to speak, it’s off to the formatter and then to publication.


A Brief Update

Been a bit since I’ve updated the site and since then I’ve been asked where things stand on the release of The Wrath of Heroes. I’m thrilled by the apparent interest, and can assure you things are close. I wish I could give a specific date but some things involved in the production process (beta readers, the speed of my formatter and artists, etc.) are beyond my control. Also, I want the book to be as good as I can possibly make it. That said, the book is about 95% done in terms of both writing and editing and I think we’re looking at late July or August. I’d hoped for sooner, but I’m confident the added time and effort have made a solid impact on the quality of the book. Look for it then!



The WHOLE WORLD Revealed!!!

Behind, one and all, the most magnificent map of my fantastical realm by the most magnificent artist Dan Martin!  I’m quite pleased with it and hope it gives readers a good visual reference for the adventures of my characters.  The map will be included in Book 2 (both physical and ebook form) and I plan on updating Book 1 to contain it as well.

Without further ado, BEHOLD!!!!


The End is Nigh!

Sorry for the silence of late, but I’ve been hard at work on the final stretch of The Wrath of Heroes.  I’m happy to say it is very nearly done, and I’m quite pleased with how it’s turned out.  Details on a release date will follow–I’m hoping for late May or early June.  I know that’s later than I’d hoped, but there were some real life complications as well as some major rewrites along the way.

In other exciting news, I’ve been working with a talented artist on a map for the book, which I’ll also insert in an updated version of What Remains of Heroes.  It, too, is nearly done, and I’ll post it here soon.

Anyway, thanks much for your patience.  Hopefully the payoff is worth the wait!




I think I hear war drums…

Book Two, The Wrath of Heroes, is approaching.  I promise.  There’s big doings in the book and it’s been difficult to write but it is *this close* to being done.  Thanks to all the kind readers who’ve expressed interest and have been patient in following the series.  I don’t think this volume will disappoint.

Anyway, for those who’d not noticed or visited before, scroll down to take a peek at the cover or a gander at the first chapter.  Like I said, things are getting close and I’m excited to unleash this horrid beast upon the world.


Check it!

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Sorry to borrow from the late, great David Bowie, but changes are in store. The cover for Book Two, The Wrath of Heroes, is changing. Why? I spotted a couple books in the wild that seemed too similar to the one I’d decided upon and I’d always preferred this one, anyway. Previously I’d taken my advice from a group of people (all of whom I love and respect), but, well, too many cooks in the kitchen, as they say. This is, after all, my name on the cover and I have to go with my gut.

Anyway, here it is. I like it a lot, and love associating a certain assassin/badass (uh, Karnag???) with a title like “The Wrath of Heroes.” If you have some thoughts, let me know. As for me I’m sold.




Book 2 is getting close to completion.

Okay, I don’t want to oversell or over-promise, but The Wrath of Heroes is really starting to come together. I’ve a few more chapters to write (those take me anywhere from a week to a month, depending on the muse) but the plot is in place and in shape and tons of shit happens in this book. I’m really excited about this one. I sure as hell hope you like it.

I need to check Amazon’s rules again, but if they allow it please watch this space for the first chapter soon.

Thanks again to all those many (patient) readers looking out for the book. I think you’ll like it.